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Banc Sabadell Agreement

The Professional Association of Civil Engineers and Banco Sabadell work on behalf of association members to offer them advantages according to their needs.

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For more information:

Oficina Banc Sabadell Escoles Pies
Daniel Trullols, Director de l’oficina
Telèfon: 93 212 59 94

RACC Agreement

Since 2007, the Professional Association of Civil Engineers has had an agreement with the Real Automóvil Club de Cataluña (RACC) by which association members have a personal 50% discount on the RACC membership fee in its senior category (90,20 €/year) or global (97,50 €/year):

Check the performance of the senior category.
Check out the benefits of the global category.


  • Check the benefits of senior category membership.
  • Members who were previously enrolled in the association’s agreement will automatically renew their membership in accordance with the aforementioned conditions while maintaining all the services contracted (beneficiaries, insurance, RACC Máster, ViaT, etc.).
  • Validity of current agreement: until 31 January 2020.

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For more information:
About the Professional Association of Civil Engineers-RACC agreement:
About RACC benefits: FonoRACC 900 357 357

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