The Cycling Club is a space aimed at all those Association members who love road cycling. Founded in 2007, it currently has more than 80 members.

Since its inception, Club has covered many of the mythical climbs of the Tour de France thanks to its Stage, scheduled every year for a weekend in September. Climbing theTourmaletMont VentouxAubisque and Port de Balès, among others, are some of its most important achievements!

In addition to the Stage, the club has two fixed events in its calendar. The Spring Outing through the Massif of Sant Llorenç, with a base at the Masia Les Elies. The Autumn Outing, when the Tour of the Montseny happens with a climb up the Turó de l’Home.

Being part of the Cycling Club is completely free and as a member, you’ll be informed of all the news and activities. In addition, you’ll have access to exclusive club equipment with special discounts!

You will be able to join the email and WhatsApp groups to find out about the shortest road bike, or mountain bike outings arranged during the year as well as any important information related to the club.

Don’t wait any longer, join the Cycling Club now!

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