The digital visa allows members to sign their own authored documents with any recognized digital certificate, granting them full legal validity. The entire process is done digitally, which provides significant benefits: savings on costs, time and paper and simplifying the process of sending the documentation. In addition, it meets current electronic signature legislation requirements and is legally equivalent to a handwritten signature.

For the digital visa the Association provides a signing tool from the CICCP civil engineering association to sign PDF files. In no case does it include the required Acrobat license for signing.

Online procedure

What is it?

The visa is an administrative act with which the Association provides a guarantee and service to the public:

  1. It authenticates by verifying that the activity is carried out by the person who subscribes to it and certifies its authenticity, by means of its inclusion in the association archive.
  2. It legitimizesby accrediting the function carried out by the engineer in question, guaranteeing that they are qualified to do so (that they are associated members and not unfit to practice) and that they are competent in the subject.
  3. It controlsby certifying that the activity accredited by the visa complies with certain formal requirements and association regulations
  4. Includes third-party responsibility insurance at work.


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