Vision aims to be the leading organization in Catalonia for engineering professionals oriented at solving problems related to human settlement and those that derive from human interaction, individual or collective, with the land.

We constitute the leading community in Catalonia of engineering professionals dedicated to infrastructure, sustainability and the environment, the circular economy, mobility and spatial planning. As such, we are at the disposal of society and public opinion to provide knowledge in our fields of action. We represent, promote and defend the individual and collective interests of civil engineers and ensure the ethical exercise of the profession.

The Association bases its activity on respecting and promoting the values that underpin its existence and actions:

> An honest focus on public service
> Commitment to members of the Association and to Catalan society
> The promotion of professional and technological progress and knowledge
> The contribution to creativity and innovation in engineering
> Transparency and participation of the group
> Commitment and professionalism in the provision of services
> An integrating and open transversality to enrich the groups that participate in it

Openning hours:

Monday to Thursday:
08.00 am - 8
.00 pm

08.00 am - 02.00 pm